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Meet our people

At Roy Hill, it is our talented, hard-working and innovative people that are the driving force being our success. Here are some of our people who are helping us to create Tomorrow’s mine, Today.

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Kate's story

Kate Bache

Kate joined Roy Hill in April 2014 as one of only three operators on the job and the first female operator. Right from the beginning, she has fully embraced the ‘real’ Roy Hill culture and continues to help us evolve into the future. “When we started, it was all bush and there were only three of us – they were good days,” Kate reflected. “We had our morning PSI with Downers and worked as a team with Workshop and Production. We were a close-knit family. I’ve loved seeing this place develop. We’ve cleared most of the land, constructed roads and developed the pit. Watching it look more like a mine is a real sense of achievement. I’m really proud to have been a part of that.” Kate has worked in mining for ten years, originally as a senior technician in a metallurgical laboratory.

The catalyst for becoming an operator was trying a bobcat one day and loving it. Now she’s hooked on the daily variety and thrives on change – something Roy Hill seriously values in its people. “In the lab, things were fairly regimented. But now as an ancillary operator, I operate everything from the 777 to the 793 dump trucks, 777 water carts, our little Volvo ITS and the wheel dozer,” explained Kate. At Roy Hill, constant change has been one of our biggest challenges. But we’re innovative in how we work. We’ve got that culture – people are aware of it and we’re getting better and better at what we’re doing.” Kate’s hunger for fresh thinking and sharing her experience aligns perfectly with Roy Hill, where an array of opportunities to develop her skills for the future are readily available.

She really enjoys passing on knowledge and interacting with people and recently completed a course to become an on-the-job crew trainer. What’s more, Kate is currently working towards a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing – one of the nationally recognised qualifications Roy Hill has on offer. Down the track, Kate has her sights set on developing her machinery knowledge and getting on a 994 ROM loader and a digger. She is also keen to train as a relief onsite dispatcher, and even potentially make a move into the training department. “Because I’ve watched this place grow, I’ve always tried to help as much as I can by supporting new people and developing new procedures and skills,” she said.

Outside of work, Kate makes the most of her FIFO lifestyle. She lives in Jindabyne, a little town in the foothills of Perisher and Thredbo near the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Her partner also works for Roy Hill on the same roster, allowing them to spend their time off snowboarding in winter and wakeboarding in summer on Lake Jindabyne. Kate feels as though there’s a little piece of herself wrapped up in Roy Hill. Reflecting on the combination of pride in her company and lifestyle, she exclaimed, “That’s why you do it!”

Jodi's story

Jodi Moffitt

Jodi, a wife and mother, grew up in country Victoria on a farm station. Her career started as a personal trainer in Pannawonica, living with her partner James, who was working for Rio Tinto. Jodi then signed up with Skilled and was soon mobilised as a contract Dump Truck Operator position herself.

She worked hard and proved herself to be a valuable employee and was soon converted from a contractor to an employee. Always up for a new challenge, Jodi requested she be put in the fuel truck. This meant she came into site on the early car and was responsible for fuelling up the excavators at shift change. However, the real learning was about optimising the down time and managing the fuel for the lighting plants, loader, drills and other ancillary gear.

Jodi believes her fuel truck work gave her opportunity to get practical experience and on-the-ground knowledge that ultimately assisted her to complete her degree in Mine Engineering. At only 19, Jodi was studying and working as a Grade Controller at a new mine site.

Soon after, James and Jodi moved home to the east coast and had their son. They worked essentially back-to-back looking after their family and working full time until the birth of their daughter. Jodi then took six months off to look after her family and complete her Masters, never missing a beat.

Jodi was recruited into Roy Hill in May 2014 to work in the Mine Planning team, convinced it wouldn’t be long until her husband James would be recruited into Roy Hill also. Since joining, Jodi has made a significant contribution to the Mine Planning and Technical Services team and has been nominated by her peers for the Woman in Resources Award.

When asked, Jodi attributed her success to her determination and goal setting, knowing what she wanted to achieve and making it happen. She also commented at the importance of her supportive family and husband James. Her advice to individuals wanting to start their career in mining is to stand up for yourself, have strength in your convictions and stay persistent.

Jodi was the runner up for the Chamber of Minerals and Energy 2016 Woman in Resources Award (30 under 30) and has recently been promoted to Superintendent Control in Roy Hill’s Demand Chain.

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