Roy Hill Mining Traineeship

At Roy Hill, we’ve embarked on a journey to evolve mining, starting with our recruitment. It’s no longer about extensive experience at all costs – we’ve realised that to create the right environment for fresh thinking, you need to start with the right people.

So if you want to evolve with us, you need to be real. If you fit the Roy Hill vision, we’ll nurture you through support and learning to help you get the most out of your time in FIFO and future-proof yourself. What we’re offering is an exciting opportunity to experience a real sense of self-worth that comes from connecting with others, embracing change and making a difference by being part of something special that stretches far beyond the limitations of a job.

Are you ready to join us on the journey?

Roy Hill ‘REAL’ traits

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Results oriented

Willingness to learn/develop

Roy Hill: finding real people

We use behavioural-based interviews, values testing and assessment centres to select real people that will align to our values. Assessment centres involve a half-day where you will attend interviews as well as complete some practical assessments that might include games and construction challenges. The most important thing to remember is that we want to see the ‘real’ you by observing your natural behaviour, strengths and weaknesses – not whether your team wins or loses at the game.

Here are some tips to help your personality and abilities shine through.

Get a good night’s rest
This will keep you sharp, relaxed and energetic.

Show your strengths
We want to know how you’ve used your natural abilities in the past – take time to consider your previous experiences and how they will be of benefit to Roy Hill.

Answer questions using “STAR”
First describe the Situation, then the Tasks, what Actions you were responsible for and finally what was the Result.

Traineeships: Evolving professionally

At Roy Hill, we believe mining is more than a job – it’s an experience. To help you make the most out of your time here, we provide different ways to nurture your skills and prepare you for a brighter future.

Our Skills Development Program provides the opportunity for our people to receive on the job training delivered at national standards and at the same time gain a formal qualification.

We currently have several qualifications on offer which have been aligned to roles across Roy Hill. Current qualifications include the Certificate III Surface Extraction Operations for Truck Drivers and the Diploma of Leadership & Management for leaders.

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