Vision and values - Roy Hill

Vision and values

Our vision

At Roy Hill, our vision is “to be a high performing iron ore business where people contribute and realise their full potential”. By this, we want to be:

  • a knowledge-based organisation centred around innovative thinking,
  • an organisation which delivers what it says it will deliver,
  • a great place to work, with a community of friends who work hard, solve problems rapidly and help each other to drive Roy Hill’s success,
  • an organisation that attracts and retains people who are best in their field, and
  • an inclusive organisation where everyone has a voice and efficient processes drive high performance and fit for purpose outcomes.

Overall our vision not only is our aspirational statement of what we want to be, but also helps set the direction for our success.

Our values

Our values of Lead, Care, Think and Perform define how we approach our work at Roy Hill, and include:

  • Lead – we passionately commit to achieving Roy Hill’s objectives and we take accountability for our actions.
  • Care – we care for the health, safety and assets of the Roy Hill community; we collaborate within and across teams; and we respect individual differences by being open and fair.
  • Think – we combine cross-industry methods, technology and judgement to create innovative prudent solutions; and we value learning and share knowledge with each other.
  • Perform – we manage risk and produce sustainable results, using our capabilities and agility to overcome challenges and achieve greater outcomes.

It’s by applying these values and aligned behaviours that allow us to be safe physically and emotionally, as well as respectful of the community and the environment.

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